Et cetera

Items below do not relate to my professional services particularly. But it’s a convenient place to post extraneous things.

Music: my band’s music

Memorial: My late father, artist George Schwenk

Link: My neice, recording artist (and web designer) Tally Schwenk

Essay: The Downsides of Cell Phones

Amusement: Chinglesh

Essay: Facing Ecological Crisis with the Buddha

Audio Book: My book reading of Pride and Prejudice

Essay: C++ Glossary & Tutorial
This document can help teach the C++ programming language and Object Oriented Programming to those who already know the C language and structured programming.

Essay: Flatulent Fireworks

Link: my brother Kurt Schwenk’s academic boilogy lab page
Quite amusing for an academic page.

Website: My personal site from prior to 2008,