Electronics Engineering

I have a batchelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Stony Brook University and I specialize in analog electronics design, modification, and repair, with an emphasis on audio. I’ve had a lifelong passion for music synthesis technology and high fidelity audio.

I can modify your audio/musical equipment and design and build custom circuits. A modular analog synthesizer I designed and built circa 1981 can be seen in the upper left of the banner photo on this site. I have over 40 years of experience in electronics repair & restoration including all vintages of electronics technology, including vacuum tubes.

I invented and built this Optical Microphone for an entomology professor at the University of Connecticut. He needed a way to pick up sound injected into a blade of grass by a tiny lacewing insect shaking its legs. A regular microphone wouldn’t work as the sound wasn’t audible in air. Touching the plant with a pickup would disturb the mechanical system too much. (While laser-based interferometers can do this, they were far too expensive.) This invention bounces infrared light off any surface and translates the variations in received light into an electrical signal. Ambient light is rejected both by the use of infrared and by modulating the transmitted light ultrasonically and demodulating the light received.