My Band’s Music

I’m part of a quartet in which I play Haken Continuum Fingerboard, electric piano (with various sounds), and various other things. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet agreed on a name. But we have recordings! – which I’ve mixed and mastered. There’s currently four and a half hours of material and I thought I’d post it as it’s different from most music.


Arlene Avery:
Vocalizations, ass’t. small percussion, reverberation.
Glenden Merrel
Upright electric bass, large pedal board, electric guitar or ukelele (September 2022 session).
Jordan Saucier:
Vocalizations, Korg MS2000 synthesizer, Bulbul Tarang (Sept 2022 session), TC Helicon VoiceLive Touch effects unit.
John Schwenk:
Haken Continuum Fingerboard, electric piano, iPad with Spacecraft app, ass’t. small percussion, recorder, harmonica, hand pan.
Recording, mixing, & mastering.

These pieces are entirely improvised – with no score or even advance planning. We sit down and we play. That’s it. I find the result meditative and dreamlike to listen to. This music is not so much about notes and rhythms as it is about timbre, space, mood, and texture. Let it wash over you and take you on a journey.

You can choose individual pieces or one playlist that will play them all in turn. Don’t like something? Please, just skip ahead a bit.

Streaming playlist of 4-1/2 hours of music
(Whether this works depends on how your browser and device is configured.)

Mar 2024 Glenden & John only, practice

Mar 2024 Glenden & John only, performance at Willimantic Records

Aug 2023 live performance: Warehouse show

Dec 2022 live performance: Moulton Lava pop-up gallery

Sept 2022 home studio jam